Frank Phillips Home

1107 Cherokee Avenue
Bartlesville, OK  74003
Phone 918-336-2491

The Third Floor

Back in 1908 when this house was first constructed, it ended just beyond the pillars. This largest room in those days was son John's hobby/playroom and where his exercise equipment was kept...his bedroom adjoined it to the west and included the space later used to form the elevator.  In 1917 the back half of the house was lengthened 25 or 30 feet beyond those pillars, crating a closet and a rather large attic space behind the door (neither the attics nor the basement are seen on the tour).  By 1930 the front wing of the house was extended twelve feet and that new space allowed for an additional bedroom and bath beyond the pillars.  These additions of 1917 and 1930 also created a rather wide, useless, hall-like room named "The Nook."

In 1930 John's former bedroom became the Sewing Room (now the curator's office); his former playroom became The Recreation Room.

The other bedroom and bath were first occupied in 1933 by the family's new Japanese butler, Henry Einaga.  Henry was the only servant that lived in the Phillips home.  He worked for the Phillips for seventeen years and worked for Frank's granddaughter, Betty, for nineteen years, a grand total of thirty-six years.  He served Mr. Phillips as a butler; however, he worked more closely with Mrs. Phillips. Henry was an expert at flower arranging, had a black belt in karate and also served as family photographer, taking snapshots and making motion-picture films of the children, grandchildren, and guests.  He was responsible for the organization and instruction about what needed to be done for all special events planned by the Phillips family.

 Henry listened in on Mr. Phillips conversations with his business friends.  He invested his money very wisely, including companies rebuilding Japan at the end of World War II.  Henry played the Stock Market and as a result he became a millionaire around 1948.  You could say , "A millionaire was taking care of a millionaire."  Apparently content, he worked on as a "Millionaire Butler" for the Phillips family for another twenty-four years.  They weren't aware of his status until his will was probated after his death in 1969!