Frank Phillips Home

1107 Cherokee Avenue
Bartlesville, OK  74003
Phone 918-336-2491


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Photos by Jerry Poppenhouse



The Phillips family had 9 full time and 6 part-time servants - one of them being a cook.  Jane didn't join in many household chores, but she was active every year during canning season...she and her staff canned all kinds of vegetables and jellies.  She said they tasted better than purchased canned goods.

There are four kitchen service rooms.  The one with the refrigerator is strictly for storage and was much larger until the Phillips had an elevator installed which used up much of the space.  The back stairs were located here.  Then, there's a room for cooking with a Roper stove.  In the 1930's there was a second stove in the basement  beneath these rooms and two more refrigerators; however,  these are long gone.  The wine cellar was also in the basement...during Prohibition it was stocked, after dark, from the back drive!

The Butler's Pantry is long and narrow and was used for storage, but was important for the purpose of serving the dining room.  NOTE...enter the dining room through the far door, leave it through the near door.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  One might cause a wreck!  Then, last but not least, a dining room for their nine servants.  Let's see, there was a Butler, Frank's Valet, a Chauffeur (Jane could drive, but Frank never learned how!), a Cook, Gardner, Laundress and Maids.  Imagine the frantic hustle and bustle back there during a dinner party for Will Rogers!