Frank Phillips Home

1107 Cherokee Avenue
Bartlesville, OK  74003
Phone 918-336-2491

Guest Rooms

Frank and Jane enjoyed entertaining famous people.  Some of the people that stayed in these rooms include:  Cardinal Spellman, Teddy Roosevelt, Will Rogers, Wily Post, Billy Parker.  When John visited his parents, he would use the north bedroom.

Paul Endacott, once one of the presidents of Phillips Petroleum Company and a very good friend of the Phillips family, said, "The Phillips, particularly Mrs. Phillips, had a passion to know the famous of their day."  It was easy to know Will Rogers and Wiley Post:  Wiley had worked for Frank at one time and Will lived just east of Bartlesville in his youth.  The guestroom near the elevator was where they, and others like them, stayed.  However, until 1947, the guest room was larger.  Jane gave Frank the custom built Otis for Christmas that year.  Installation of the elevator took quite a bit of space from the center of the house.  Big Game hunters Osa and Martin Johnson were guests, Big Game conservationist Frank "Bring 'Em Back Alive" Buck came; as well as Catholic Cardinal Spellman; movie star Tom Mix; and Rubinoff and his famous violin.

The second guest bedroom on this floor was used mainly by the Phillips' son John.  After his divorce in 1931 he remarried in 1933.  He and the 2nd Mrs. Phllips were childless.  They made their home in Dallas, but visited here from time to time.

Photos by Jerry Poppenhouse

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