Frank Phillips Home

1107 Cherokee Avenue
Bartlesville, OK  74003
Phone 918-336-2491

Entry Hall

Casual visitors were admitted in the Entry Hall.  The family and their close friends used the north Foyer close to the circle drive where their chauffeurs and autos awaited them.  World War I was long over, the Roaring Twenties had come and gone, and the Great Depression was underway by 1930.  But Phillips Petroleum Company was prospering so the Phillips began rejuvenating their 21 year-old home to the tune of a half-million dollars.

The Music Room housed the Weber Baby Grand Piano and record player, and the Victrola.

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The stairway and wood trim is Phlippine mahogany. The grandfather clock and hall tree were housewarming gifts from Jane's father, John Gibson.



Jane's parents owned a lumber company in the Philippine Islands. Considering the wood is almost 100 year old, it is obvious great care has been taken to preserve the wood.



The plaster design was added to the ceiling during the 1930s remodeling. Molding along the ceiling and throughout the house is hand carved wood.



Grant money and donations helped restore the Weber baby grand concert and player piano...along with the electronic device to operate the player movement. The photograph on the piano is their grandson, John Gibson Phllips, Jr.



Notice the Waterford crystal chandelier. The walls are covered with silk damask. After the major remodeling in the mid 1930s, Mr. and Mrs. Phillips hired Frank Griggs Photography Studio to record each room through photography.



Frank paid extra to have the victrola to the right of the piano powered by electricity.



The bronze statue located in the corner is the model for the large statue of Frank Phillips in rotunda of Woolaroc Museum.