Frank Phillips Home

1107 Cherokee Avenue
Bartlesville, OK  74003
Phone 918-336-2491


Many wealthy families were threatened with the kidnapping of their children. As a precautionary measure, during the library addition in the 1930's two cabinets were built (one on each end of the north wall) for the security of the family.  When the cabinet doors were closed, it just looked like part of the paneling.  One cabinet had a telephone to call outside the home and the other was connected to the house intercom. The cabinet area looks small today because an  elevator was put in 16 years later.  As far as we know there was never a threat to anyone's safety in this house.  However, one of the Phillips' grandchildren  was coming home from school one day when someone tried to grab her.  Fortunately she was able to get away...telling her mother and dad what had happened.  They informed Frank and Jane.  Everyone was taken to Woolaroc and guards were posted at the gate.  They said there was some commotion that evening--Pretty Boy Floyd was out and about!

Jane wanted a higher ceiling in the library so Mr. Delk, the architect, lowered the floor a a foot and a half.

The library  contains a Tiffany lamp signed by Mr. Tiffany.  It belonged to the granddaughter, Elizabeth.  Jane gave Frank a Bible in three volumns.  She had a table designed to house the Bible.

Most of the needlepoint found throughout the home was done by Jane.  She loved to needlepoint.  Mr. Phillips used to tell her they could afford anything they wanted, and asked why she was doing this.  Consequently, every time he came around, she would carefully tuck her needlepoint out of sight.

The Phillips raised peacocks at Woolaroc. Mrs. Phillips used to pick up the feathers from the ground and take them home. Friends asked her why she was doing this. She told them that someday they would know. When she died she had a blanket and grave wreath made out of the feathers and placed on her coffin.

Photos by Jerry Poppenhouse

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Note the peacock feathers in the large vase.



Note the marble statuary -- a 1930s decorating style. The molding along the ceiling is hand carved light oak wood.



There are approximately 2,000 books in the library belonging to Mrs. Phillips. She was an avid reader.