Frank Phillips Home

1107 Cherokee Avenue
Bartlesville, OK  74003
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Jane's Room

Jane and Frank chose separate bedrooms during the mid-30's remodeling.  Frank used to wake up in the middle of the night, call his secretary and tell him to come to the Home; he had some Phillips business he wanted to do.  The secretary would have to come immediately.  Consequently, to keep from disturbing Jane during these interruptions, separate bedrooms were used.

Jane's favorite colors were pink and peach and were used throughout the house.

Photo Gallery of Jane's Bedroom and Bath

Photos by Jerry Poppenhouse

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Jane's BedroomThe child's rocker pictured here was given to her by her father.  She was a very sentimental person and treasured this rocker very much. Jane's BedroomMolding along the ceiling is plaster.  Jane was served breakfast in bed every morning
Jane's BathroomJane loved her bathroom.  Notice the pink marble walls, the reverse painted mirrored ceiling and the goat-skin rug. Jane's BathroomThe scale was very important to her.  In addition to her scale, she had an exercise machine - what we would call a "fanny belt" exerciser.