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The Early Days - Creston, Iowa

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In 1895, Frank Phillips moved from his parents’ farm near Conway, Iowa to the nearby town of Creston, where he was employed at A. B. Tucker’s Climax Barber Shop.  It wasn’t long before he purchased the shop and enjoyed his reputation as a skilled barber.  He met and married Jane Gibson, the daughter of one of Creston’s most successful bankers.  Frank and Jane made Creston their home until 1905 when they moved to Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Creston began as a railroad town, built on the summit or “crest” of the prairie.  It was the highest point on the Burlington Railroad line between the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.  A large railroad complex was located there, including an impressive roundhouse.  It was a main agricultural center, and the Blue Grass League of Southwestern Iowa erected a huge “Blue Grass Palace”, built entirely of native grasses.  The Palace served as an exhibit center for agricultural and manufactured products in the area.  Public expositions were held there and the railroad ran special trains at a reduced rate for visitors.

By 1895, Creston boasted a population of about 6,000 with all of the amenities and comforts a bustling town could provide.  The photos in this gallery are of Creston as it looked in 1892.


"Souvenir of Creston, Iowa 1892", W. A. Robb, Publisher

Blue Grass Palace, Lincoln School Second Ward, and Lake Park

Photographic view of engines C.B. & Q. R.R. in Creston Yards, Court House, and C.B. & Q. R.R. Shops

Summit Lake and Creston Wwater Works,

R. S. Beyemer, H. P. Armitage and John Cherry homes, along with Afton Normal and Business College

Private residences of Thos. McGrath, L. J. Camp, Chas. Athearn, Jno. S. Black, Col. Wm. Jones, B. B. Hall, Rev. Allen Van Wagoner, and Joseph Norton

Private residences of Al. McDowell, A. B. Devoe, B. F. Heinly, Albert Dunlap, Judge S. R. Davis, Geo. R. Johnson, W. G. Fogg, and B. N. Torrey

S. A. Bowers Jewelry Store, A. B. Henry's Drug Store, Fuller Block, Bennison Bros. Dry Goods, B. J. Schorr's Restaurant, Patt's Opera House

Private residences: Hon. Thos. L. Maxwell, J. H. Patt, Rev. L. N. Lafferty, James Ferman, J. M. McCornack, Col. S. D. Swan, and W. D. McDonald

Private residences: C. H. Fuller, Geo. J. Delmege, J. C. Woodruff, D. Davenport, Judge James W. McDill, E. C. Lucas, John Bennison and W. F. Patt

Private Residences: E. D. Butcher, Col. John O. Keeffe, H. S. Clarke, C. M. Dunn, A. R. Fuller and W. M. Scott

J. H. Patt Block, J. W. Bagley Block, Deer Block, Reynold's Block, Iowa State Savings Bank, J. W. Bagley & Co's Drug Store, H. E. Leonard's New Block,

Churches: First United Presbyterian, Congregational, New Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, First Baptist, Christian, Catholic Parochial School

Creston from tower of the Blue Grass Palace, view of Maple Street looking north, new high school building, view of Montgomery Street looking west.

List of Creston businessmen and occupations.