Frank Phillips Home

1107 Cherokee Avenue
Bartlesville, OK  74003
Phone 918-336-2491

Foster Daughters' Suite

The foster daughters' suite is located directly above the sunroom.  The creation of this room is the reason this entire wing was added in 1917.  When the Phillips had this home built in 1908, the rooms on this side of the house were proportionately small--as a matter of fact ending about where the window near the archway begins.  After their son John moved from home, Frank and Jane became the guardians of two young sisters in 1917.  Jane wanted "her girls" to have a large room to share.  So she had this wing added.  They named the girls after themselves, Mary Francis and Sarah Jane (but Mary said that after she got older she met a boy named Francis, whom she loathed, so she called herself Mary Frank, and it stuck)

In consultation with Sarah Jane (the youngest foster daughter):  She was asked if she could remember the decorations and colors of their bedrooms.  She definitely did.  In fact, she sent samples of the exact type of material for the curtains and bedspreads.  She described the colors in the pattern on the carpeting.  It took close to a year before she approved the sample that was woven by a rug manufacturer.  The carpet was made in 30" strips and had to be hand sewn together.

The stuffed toys were made by the Steiff Toy Company in Germany. These belonged to Elizabeth's girls.

Photos by Jerry Poppenhouse

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Girls' BedroomJane wanted "her girls" to have
a large room to share.  The velvet dress belonged to Sarah Jane.
Girls' BedroomThe collie and tiger are just
large stuffed animals, handmade by Steiff, a German toy making company.
DollsThese dolls belonged to Sarah Jane DollsThese were Mary Francis' dolls.