Frank Phillips Home

1107 Cherokee Avenue
Bartlesville, OK  74003
Phone 918-336-2491


Year      Event

1908     Title to 10 acres of land is acquired March 28. The building of the new home in the extreme northwest comer of this property is announced.

1909     The Neo-Classical style home is completed. Walter Everman is the architect. Family moves from their former residence located on the SW comer of 10th and Johnstone.

1917     The first major renovation is commissioned. The southwest wing is added.  It included the sunroom and the children's suite.

1930     A $500,000 major renovation is begun. Edward Buehler Delk is the architect. (Delk was a prominent architect who also helped design Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. ) Delk designed Villa Philbrook in Tulsa, Villa Philmonte in New Mexico, the H.V. Foster Mansion at what is now Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and Bartlesville's original Hillcrest Country Club.

Year      Event

1931     The remodel is completed. The southeast wing has been extended 12 feet to the south and three stories in height. Significant changes have been made to the home, including separate bedrooms for Frank and Jane, extensions of the library, and addition of the butler's room on the third floor.

1938     Air conditioning is installed. The house was one of the first in Oklahoma to be air conditioned.

1946     The greenhouse is erected, a birthday gift to Jane from Frank.

1947     The elevator is installed, reportedly Jane's Christmas gift to Frank. It was described as a major engineering feat. Cost $31,000 - $35,000.


Year      Event

1948     Elizabeth "Betty" Irwin, granddaughter of Frank and Jane Phillips, inherits the house upon the death of Jane Phillips, (ownership of the house had always been in Jane's name) subsequently moving in and caring for Frank Phillips during the last two years of his life.

1973     Betty and Henry Irwin deed the Phillips home and contents to the Oklahoma Historical Society.

1997     Garage renovated with a Grant from the Lyon Foundation for an Interpretative Center, Museum Shop, collection storage, and educational rooms.

2000     Marcus C. Low, Jr. family restored the summer sleeping porch off Jane's bedroom.